Pacific Fibers is the sheep side of ARAN Farms. The Gotland sheep we raise have so much to offer that it sells them short to not have a unique name for themselves.

Currently, we have four ewes: Elinor (95%), Dafne (91%), Zipper (Elinor’s daughter and our fair ambassador-ess) and Valaree (a twin to Vader). I kept Vader because of his stunning fleece: jet black, tightly purled and a lovely hand. He was wethered at about a month and has the sweetest personality, unless you are a chick. He likes to push them around and watch them hop and jump.
Big John, a 95% direct son of Mr. Big, joined us in 2016 as the flock king. His other offspring have done very well and we expect the same from these ewes.

The sheep have free range on about an acre, with occasional access to a seeded pasture. This year (2016), we are also shearing in the fall.

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