New arrivals

I picked these up in Oregon just before Christmas, at Carol Ronan’s place.

The ewe on the left is Elinor and is AI’d, expecting 97% lambs from her at the end of January. If she has any rams, they will be the highest percentage Gotlands in the US and will be for sale.

The middle ewe is Daria. A daughter of NZ Ralph,  she was exposed to a son of Swedish Mercurius. I love the look of Mercurius and his ram son was also very nice. I really hope she is bred!

Last on the right is Dafne. She is the boldest of the trio and was exposed to a son of Gannarve. I don’t think she is bred, but hoping for the best. If not, she has very fine wool and I will definitely AI her in the fall.

They have taken to the orchard hay I get and are cropping the bermudagrass as short as if I had been mowing it! Their wool has far less lanolin in it and doesn’t seem to collect as much VM.

Hopefully the next post will be of adorable lambs!







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